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Oil Of Arnica Oil For Dogs & Cats For Bruises Strained Joints Muscles Ligaments Tendons & Aches

Oil Of Arnica Oil For Dogs & Cats For Bruises Strained Joints Muscles Ligaments Tendons & Aches

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Oil Of Arnica For Dogs and Cats is a Topical Massage Oil Arnica Natural Herbal Arnica Helps Reduce Bruising and swelling. Arnica Is A Herb That Grows Mainly In Siberia And Central Europe, As Well As Temperate Climates In North America. The Flowers Of The Plant Are Used In Medicine. Arnica Boasts A Plethora Of Pain Management Properties. Thanks To The Substance's Sesquiterpene Lactones And Helenalin, The Herb Acts Fast To Heal Injuries.

Arnica For Dogs Arnica Is Most Commonly Used For Pain Caused By Osteoarthritis, General Pain Associated With Old Age, Also Recommended Using After Surgery, Due To Helping With Bleeding, Bruising, Swelling After Surgery, And Other Conditions, Arnica Can Also Be Unsafe When Taken By Mouth. We Have Produced This Quality Oil To Be Massaged Into The Area Of Your Pet That Is In Need Of The Wonderful Qualities This Oil Possesses.

Arnica For Cats This Is A Wonderful Natural Oil Made From The Flowers Of Natural Arnica The Active Chemicals In Arnica May Reduce Swelling, and pain When Rubbed Into The Affected Joints Two To Three Times Daily For 3 Weeks.

Arnica Pets Is An Oil That We Take Pride In, We Always Only Use Quality Plant Extracts And Oils, And We Prepare This By Hand In North Yorkshire Using Traditional Methods.

This Is For Topical Use Only For Reasons Already Mentioned, I have Had Excellent Feedback On Results From Massaging This Directly To Your Pet's affected area, Don't Use On Broken Skin Or Lacerated Skin As This Can Cause The Healing Process To Become Uneven And Cause Irritation.

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    • Creulty Free

    • Paraben Free

    • Sulfate Free

    • Silicone Free

    • Sodium Free

    • Phosphate Free

    • GMO Free

    • Preservatives Free

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